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Tudor Pendant by Pierre Cilliers

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This is Pierre's response to the challenge to produce a pendant and a ring from a vintage National Cash Register key. (Read about the backstory to this project HERE)

We feel that there is a very regal-King-Henry-Vlll vibe going on with this unique piece of jewellery. Your purchase of this piece will give $50 to Starship Hospital, Pierre's charity of choice. 

Here is Pierre's description of the pendant and we have also included his visual diary of design process. (You can also see more of Pierre's work HERE)

Size - 50mm x 45mm
Weight - 32g

This pendant is made of sterling silver. The key has a brass bezel and is surrounded by a greenstone band which in turn is held in place with an inverted heart design, which ties the two pieces of jewellery - the pendant and the ring - nicely together should they sell as a set.

The backdrop of the pendant has an ornate embossed finish to emulate the designs found on National Cash Registers. The shape is a mirrored profile of a cash register. The back of the pendant has nice detailing while the bail has a floral design.

It has been completed with an antique finish. The piece is stamped 925 (sterling silver) and KJ (Kina Jewellery).