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Kombi Nation

The Story of a New Zealand Truck Driver

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Some time ago, before "Kombi Nation", I was "Handmade Histories". From my ever present stash of fabrics, buttons & collectibles I made large hand-sewn murals about early New Zealand industrial history. Six were made, each measuring 4m long x 1m high. Each mural took a year to research & make.

This mural about Midnight Williams, who drove over Banks Peninsula, was a homage to the ordinary people who connected rural isolated communities in early 20th Century New Zealand. The original artwork is now with Turanga, Christchurch Central Library.

Images in the book beg to be touched, to be explored over several readings or while listening to the song sung by David Parker from The Nukes. 

They are a great opportunity for grandparents to spend time together with their grandchildren; tell them about what it was like when they were growing up, their history and experiences, so very different from today.